Newdale is a country located by the United Kingdom. it was first found by explorers around the 18th century and didn't become a country until 1841. Its first ruler was queen grace married to king David.

queen grace and king David had 2 children princess Anna and prince Alexander. After a tragic incident occurring around 1860 left princess anna in charge of the kingdom only being 16 years old. she then later got married to prince Joseph while her little brother alexander got married to an unknown girl.

she ruled until the age of 91 until she passed away of an unknown disease. Her husband Joseph became king of newdale and did not get remarried. He later passed away 5 years later prior to his wife's death.

she had one child who later on became queen of newdale island her name was queen Clara who ruled the kingdom of newdale. she had a husband who later became known as king george and had 4 children in 1960

her 4 children's names were princess don, princess Donna ,princess Denise and prince Brian.

princess Denise is there eldest and was first in throne for queen while princess don and princess Donna are 4th and 5th as they are the youngest. Prince Brian disowned there family in 1980. Princess Denise got engaged and had 2 girls princess brieana and princess Carissa. who are next in line for the throne. as of 2017 queen Denise and king gates are the rulers of newdale.